Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Check Out the New KiDo Kids Yoga Channel on YouTube

Find Videos about KiDo including YogaRhymes, Games, Dance, Puppet Shows and much more... click here: KiDo Kids Yoga YouTube Channel 

Here's a tip:  Starring kids from Magikal Child Preschool in some of the videos

The Show Must Go On...

Last week during freeplay, I noticed the kids were trying to create curtains with some of the silk scarves.  I quickly went to my linen closet and returned with two very large sheets.  I tied them to the rafters in the playroom which caused an immediate air of excitement.  The Magikal Child Theatre was born!  Seats were put into place, costumes donned, and finally...the show.  The older girls created a story about princesses, of course and the younger children were encouraged to sit in the audience. What an exciting morning that was.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Fee Fi Fo Fum....Grinding Wheat to make...Hot Cereal

It all started with breakfast on Science Friday.
The older kids were asking where does bread come from.
A lightbulb went off over my head not unlike Ms. Frizzle.
To the Bus...

We started by investigating what wheat berries look like.
I put some on a paper towel with water to sprout.
By Monday they had sprouted and the kids thought they were delicious. 
Then I got out my Mayan Grain Grinder.  An ancient grinding stone from volcanic rock in Guatemala, where my husband comes from.  La Piedra, they call it in Spanish.
Many years ago, I watched my Mother-in-Law and her Mother, these Mayan women in their traditional dress, grinding spices on their rocks.  They would sit on their grass mats, legs tucked under their seat, chatting away in Kak'chikel.  My husband was kind enough to haul a big one back for me, but I have to admit it's been more of a decoration in my kitchen than a useful tool.  Until last Friday!
Years ago, I sat fixated on learning how to grind the correct way.  Just like making tortillas by hand, I had to get this right.  Practicing, while the ladies laughed at me until I got it right.  I made a mental recording of how one uses their arms and hands to grind efficiently, or so I thought.  
During our Science Friday wheat berry moment, my husband had to remind me I was using the stone backwards, ha!
We ground those wheat berries to flour, then put them in a pot and boiled them with raisins, water and cinnamon, yum!

We served the hot cereal to the kids as a mid-morning snack.
Que Rico, So Delicious.
They all got seconds.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Welcome to the world of Magikal Child magikalchild.com

Magikal Child is a Story and Art based family owned preschool licensed for 12 children from ages 1 1/2 to 5.  We are located in beautiful Davis, California.

We live the belief that intelligence comes from an abundance of loving attention, listening and being present to each other, and giving gentle yet firm boundaries.

[There are currently 2 openings at our preschool for Feb 1, 2011]
Please inquire at woxok@yahoo.com to request an interview

We teach :Ki|Do) Curriculum which includes 
  • YogaRhymes (yogarhymes.com) yoga taught through rhymes, 
  • Spanish instruction, 
  • Alphabet and numbers with the four mysteries, 
  • Color distinction and mixing, 
  • International dance, 
  • Games, 
  • Puppet shows, 
  • Days of the week, 
  • Months in a circular 1-12 pattern.
Our days are filled with busy hands loving:
Wool on My World Mondays
Beeswax on Letter Tuesdays
Paper on Number Wednesdays
Paint on Colorform Thursdays and 
Clay on Science Fridays